Why was 1983 the year without a Corvette?

Why was 1983 the year without a Corvette?

With the Corvette in the 80s, you would think we’d get a full-scale push for greater technological advancement. And we did – but on a bit of a delay. You see, with the intended departure of the C3 in 1982, it was expected we’d get an imminent announcement on the next generation. But some unexpected events led to something no one could have anticipated. For the 30th anniversary year for one of the most important American cars ever made…there would be nothing to show released.

So let’s dive in and explore a curious footnote in automotive history, as 1983 became the year without a Corvette.

Part 1: Harley Earl and the Birth of the Corvette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEoULhDbVj8

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